Apunts Medicina de l'Esport (English Edition) Apunts Medicina de l'Esport (English Edition)
Current issue
April - June 2017
Vol. 52. Num. 194.
Pages 43-82

APUNTS. MEDICINA DE L'ESPORT, a publication of the Consell Català de l'Esport (Catalan Sports Council), is a scientific journal dedicated to sports medicine. The Journal regularly includes, Original Articles on applied research, Clinical Cases, Editorial articles or comments, Consensus Articles on the behaviour to follow while practising sport or physical activity in illnesses or certain situations, Reviews and Letters to the Editor. It publishes articles in Spanish, Catalan and English. All these, will be subjected to an anonymous external peer review process.

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ISSN: 1886-6581

Vol. 52. Num. 194. April - June 2017 Pages 43-82
EditorialOriginal articles
Patellar tendon analysis by ultrasound tissue characterization; comparison between professional and amateur basketball players. Asymptomatic versus symptomatic
Gemma Hernández, David Domínguez, Jordi Moreno, Lluís Til, Lluís Capdevila, Carles Pedret, Hans van Schie, Gil Rodas
Apunts Med Esport. 2017;52:45-52
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Generation of a new model of patellar tendinopathy in rats which mimics the human sports pathology: A pilot study
David Domínguez, Paola Contreras-Muñoz, Silvia Lope, Gil Rodas, Mario Marotta
Apunts Med Esport. 2017;52:53-9
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Review article
Potential risk factors leading to tendinopathy
Peter Malliaras, Seth O’Neill
Apunts Med Esport. 2017;52:71-7
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Clinical cases