Apunts Medicina de l'Esport (English Edition) Apunts Medicina de l'Esport (English Edition)
Apunts Med Esport. 2012;47:99-104 - Vol. 47 Num.175 DOI: 10.1016/j.apunts.2011.12.004

Predictive ability of anthropometry and maturation parameters on rowing ergometer performance in inexperienced adolescents

Francis E. Holway a,, Guillermo Guerci b

a Departamento de Medicina Aplicada a los Deportes, Club Atlético River Plate, Buenos Aires, Argentina
b Club Náutico Zárate, Rivadavia y Río Paraná, Zárate (2800), Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina


Rowing. Kinanthropometry. Maturation. Talent identification. Allometry. Youth sport.


We aimed to establish which anthropometric and maturity offset parameters correlate with rowing ergometer performance in a sample of 114 adolescent, rowing-inexperienced boys and girls. Results showed high correlations between body mass and performance, but these reduced when body mass was scaled to account for increased on-water drag resistance. Height, leg length and arm span remained moderately correlated after size-adjustment in boys, but not in girls. Anthropometric maturity offset showed a high correlation with performance, but decreased with size-adjustment. Final height estimation revealed that few of these adolescents would reach the height of elite open-weight competitors.