Apunts Medicina de l'Esport (English Edition) Apunts Medicina de l'Esport (English Edition)
Issue number 196
October - December 2017
Vol. 52. Num. 196.
Pages 129-172
Cell therapy in sports injuries: Where we are and where we’re headed
Lluís Orozco, Robert Soler
Apunts Med Esport. 2017;52:129
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Original articles
Physiological and performance responses to high-intensity interval training in female inline speed skaters
Sara Fereshtian, Mohsen Sheykhlouvand, Scott Forbes, Hamid Agha-Alinejad, Mohammadali Gharaat
Apunts Med Esport. 2017;52:131-8
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"Minorca borina’t (move yourself)": Description of a program to promote physical activity and exercise for improving health in the island of Minorca
Fernando Salom Portella, Virgina Dorado Sintes, Miguel A. Milla Fernández, Bernat Anglada Ferrer
Apunts Med Esport. 2017;52:139-47
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Review article
Importance of plantar sensitivity in the regulation of postural control and movement: Review
Caleb Araguas Garcia, Francisco Corbi Soler, Carles Vergés Salas
Apunts Med Esport. 2017;52:149-58
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Physical activity and health in teachers. A review
Yury Rosales-Ricardo, David Orozco, Lorena Yaulema, Ángel Parreño, Vinicio Caiza, Viriginia Barragán, Alejandra Ríos, Lilia Peralta
Apunts Med Esport. 2017;52:159-66
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Special article
General guidelines in the rehabilitation process for return to training after a sports injury
Toni Caparrós, Montserrat Pujol, Carlos Salas
Apunts Med Esport. 2017;52:167-72
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