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Vol. 52. Issue 195.
Pages 83-127 (July - September 2017)
Complex Systems and Sport
Francesc Cos
Apunts. Medicina de l'Esport. 2017;52:83
Original articles
Acute effects of barefoot running and running requirement on lower-limb kinematics in habitually shod endurance runners
Marcos Muñoz Jimenez, Felipe García-Pinillos, Víctor M. Soto-Hermoso, Pedro A. Latorre-Román
Apunts. Medicina de l'Esport. 2017;52:85-91
Profiles of mood states, depression, sleep quality, sleepiness, and anxiety of the Paralympic athletics team: A longitudinal study
Dayane Ferreira Rodrigues, Andressa Silva, João Paulo Pereira Rosa, Francieli Silva Ruiz, Amaury Wagner Veríssimo, Ciro Winckler, Edilson Alves da Rocha, Andrew Parsons, Sergio Tufik, Marco Túlio de Mello
Apunts. Medicina de l'Esport. 2017;52:93-101
Review article
Why is it important to develop motor competence in childhood and adolescence? The basis for a healthy lifestyle
Azahara Fort-Vanmeerhaeghe, Blanca Román-Viñas, Raquel Font-Lladó
Apunts. Medicina de l'Esport. 2017;52:103-12
Cardiovascular effects and alterations from endurance sports. A systematic review
Álvaro Huerta-Ojeda, Rodrigo Navarrete-Peña, Nicolás Valenzuela-Fernández, Sergio Galdames-Maliqueo
Apunts. Medicina de l'Esport. 2017;52:113-22
Clinical cases
Mandibular fracture: Management in athletes
Bernat de Pablo Màrquez, Adaia Valls Ontañón, Gil Rodas Font
Apunts. Medicina de l'Esport. 2017;52:123-7
Apunts Sports Medicine

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