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Vol. 56. Issue 211.
(July - September 2021)
Editorial TriAnkle project
Lluis Quintana
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Anxiety and psychological variables of sports performance related to injuries in high-performance sportsmen
Jesús Ríos Garit, Yanet Pérez Surita, Ernesto Fuentes Domínguez, Yoanny Soris Moya, Roswel Borges Castellanos
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Relationship between internal and external load in elite female youth basketball players
Javier Espasa Labrador, Javier Peña, Toni Caparrós Pons, Michael Cook, Azahara Fort Vanmeerhaeghe
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Intractable lateral epicondilytis: A differential diagnosis algorithm for a correct clinical interpretation
Jose Miguel Aguililla Liñan, Maria Isabel Miguel Pérez, Jordi Palau González, Ingrid Möller Parera
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Apunts Sports Medicine

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