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Vol. 59. Issue 222.
(April - June 2024)
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Physiological variables associated with performance in a European professional male rugby team: Analysis of a training intervention
S. Guerrero, P. Pardo, J. Solà, A. Piedra, Ll. Albesa-Albiol, JA. Sanchez, J. Peña, G. Daza, ... T. Caparrós
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Muscle mechanical response to exercise with active vs. passive rest
Rodrigo Bueno-Russo, Jorge Velázquez Saornil, Germán Díaz-Ureña, Zacarías Sánchez Milá, Raúl Frutos Llanes, José Manuel Barragán Casas, David Rodríguez Sanz
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Phase angle and other vectors of bioelectrical impedance behavior and its relations with metabolism markers of eccentric muscle damage after ischemic preconditioning: Randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial
Julia Waszczuk Vendrame, Eduardo Pizzo Junior, Allysiê Priscilla de Souza Cavina, Carlos Alberto Toledo Teixeira Filho, Taíse Mendes Biral, Gabriel Martins da Silva, Renan Alves Matsumoto, Guilherme Henrique da Silva Brandão, Franciele Marques Vanderlei
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